Amber Effect

The charging of an object due to a rubbing process.

I had that guy on one of my calls and he was shot 9 times - he had everything: femur fractures, etc. all these injuries. He didn’t really tell me what happened, but his brother was there and they told me they’d take care of it.
— Sammy
My roommate had two turtles — Shell Silverstein and Turt Russell.
— Alex

Meet your EMTs.

  • Sammy: Anything I can do to make you more comfortable?
  • Patient: A bottle of wine would be nice.
  • Tiffany: Wait, you used to play basketball? You should join Jesse's team -- they're called The Hobbits.
  • me: ... because they're short?
  • Tiffany: ... well, yeah.

So I baked an apple cinnamon cake today for breakfast next week. Then, I went to go eat my blueberries for dinner, but they were literally all sour and terrible so I turned it into a compote. And then I had compote but nothing to eat compote with so I made crepes.

Joanna: “… You really didn’t want to study did you?”

If you ever wrote an autobiography, it would be awesome. Actually, it’d be twenty pages of ‘I studied for nine hours in a row’ and then once in a while you’d have these pages of brilliant stories.
— Chris, after hearing my Highland stories

MCB 104.

  • Professor: And this is what the inheritance pattern looks like --
  • [His phone buzzes]
  • Professor: [glances at phone] Sorry, my mom's calling.
  • Class: Pick it up!
  • Professor: ... [picks up] Hi Mom I'm teaching a class of 200 students right now I'll call you later bye!

So I UGSI for Bio 1AL.

  • Gary: I always give the hardest work to the laziest person because they always figure out the easiest way to do it.

Meet your Bio GSIs

  • Gary: The early bird gets the worm.
  • Christian: The second mouse gets the cheese.
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