Amber Effect

The charging of an object due to a rubbing process.

All the times Laura’s ditched me in LA.

Previous Laura: Just call me when you land in LAX.

  • Lands in LAX. Calls Laura. Rings 6 times and goes to voicemail. Awkwardly navigates LAX to find flyaway ALL BY MYSELF because I’m awesome like that.

Previous Laura: Call me when you get on the flyaway to make sure you got on the right one.

  • Sketchy looking bus that has some church logo on it pulls up and claims to be Westwood flyaway. No one else boards. Calls Laura. Rings 6 times and goes to voicemail. Decides to get on sketchy bus.

Previous Laura: Let me know when you’re almost at Westwood and I’ll pick you up at the bus stop.

  • Calls Laura on the flyaway. Rings 6 times and goes to voicemail. Does anyone else see a pattern here?

FINALLY Laura calls me like two minutes later and is like “…Please don’t kill me” and then forgets to pick me up at the bus stop so I end up figuring out how to walk to her house via Google Maps. 

We are all surprised I’m still alive.

How to get from LAX to UCLA

  • Laura: If you see a confused looking student, stand with them. Help will arrive. Hopefully.
The best-est Physics GSI ever. View high resolution

The best-est Physics GSI ever.

It’s no secret that physicists don’t understand biology and don’t really care.
— Aaron
Years ago, I was told that one of the most important attributes human beings don’t have is the ability to see ourselves the way other people see us. This is normally something I think of when a person is behaving like an ass and not realizing it, or thinks they’re smarter than the rest of us know they are. It’s rare that I think of it in the terms I have been after I heard about Robin [Williams].
— "Why the Funniest People Are Sometimes the Saddest" (Time)

All the fun things I want to do in the fall.

  • Gloria: ... It's you. YOU WILL GET THEM. DUH.
  • me: Can you tell that to the admissions committees?
  • Gloria: I don't need to tell them. THEY ALREADY KNOW :D

Finals testing.

  • Omar: I'm so nervous my hands keep shaking.
  • Adam: You're like a Rottweiler with a chihuahua syndrome.

The back of my badge has the hospital codes on it.

  • Nurse: (walks up to me to look at my badge)
  • me: (realizes my badge is backwards and attempts to turn it around)
  • Nurse: oh no I don't care who you are I just want to know what a code white is.
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